My Summer Exploring the UK

Ella at Wast Water, The Lake District

When I think of travelling, I immediately think of jumping on a plane and flying to the opposite end of the world.

It never occurred to me that there was in fact so much to see in my own country or 'my own back yard', as some might say.

With work reaching an all-time-high in being demanding, I haven't got the opportunities to travel for long periods quite yet and so arises the perfect opportunity to explore this rainy yet picturesque country that I call home. And what better way to do that than to become one with nature and brace the elements?

Oh, yeah! I mean camping out in the wind, rain and occasional splash of sunshine that the UK has to offer.

So for the summer of 2017 I took every opportunity (although they were few-and-far-between) to set-out and explore another corner of the British Isles.

Last-Minute Camping in the Lake District

It started off as just a typical Saturday. Woke up, had breakfast, watched TV, went on my laptop, had lunch etc. The day was an exact replica of every other Saturday that I'd experienced recently. Work has been relentless, constantly asking me to go above and beyond with my abilities. So, when the weekend comes… Read More

Saturday, 8 July 2017

Freaked Out by Giant Moths in the Peak District

Adventure was calling once more. We purchased more camping supplies and fortunately, I did not have a meltdown in the shop again! Mainly because we knew what we wanted after being camping once already, in the beautiful Lake District. We put the finishing touches on our camping supplies and prepared to head off. Unfortunately, the… Read More

Friday, 14 July 2017

A Day at Little Moreton Hall

I've decided that I just don't see enough of my country. I often sit, daydreaming about being on holiday (like reminiscing about my recent trip to the Seychelles) when really there's just so much to do if only I got out the house more! This Saturday was different - I decided to go on an… Read More

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Ella McKendrick on Black Rock Viewpoint, Kenmore Scotland

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