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Hi, I’m Ella

I’m an avid photographer, filmmaker and writer with a passion for wildlife, conservation, cultures and hearing people’s stories. For as long as I can remember I have used my creativity to highlight topics that I believe in as well as to tell captivating, emotive stories.

Over the years I have truly invested in my filmmaking and photography equipment to ensure I can produce the best reflection possible of what I am capturing. However, I thoroughly believe it is my undeniable passion that sets me apart as a writer, photographer and a filmmaker.

I create content for a variety of online platforms including YouTube and my own written blog, sharing to an audience of thousands of like-minded people.

Brand Collaboration Examples

@EllaMcKendrick YouTube Reach




Video Views


Ave Views Per Video


Engagement Rate



Male: 69%

Female: 31%

UK: 30%

US: 30%

Europe: 20%

Rest of World: 20%

18-24 Years Old: 17%

25-34 Years Old: 36%

25-44: Years Old 23%

45-55 Years Old: 16%

56+ Years Old: 8%

@EllaJaneMcKendrick Instagram Reach




Engagement Rate:



Male: 51%

Female: 49%

UK: 21%

US: 12%

India: 4%

Germany: 3%

Australia: 3%

18-24 Years Old: 10%

25-34 Years Old: 56%

25-44: Years Old: 20%

45-55 Years Old: 10%

56+ Years Old: 4%

Ella McKendrick by the Corpach Shipwreck in Fort William, Scotland Website Reach


Monthly Sessions


Domain Authority



UK: 34%

US: 21%

Spain: 5%

Canada: 4%

Germany: 3%

Ella McKendrick in Namibia Desert with Drone

Case Studies

Footsteps Eco-Lodge in The Gambia was featured within 4 videos on my YouTube channel. To date, the videos have a combined viewership of 323k+ views.

Wow, great video Ella and thanks for including our humble lodge. Ella we are fast becoming your biggest fan. You said there was so much more you wanted to see, when you’re ready for that we would love to be your host again.” – Footsteps in The Gambia

View videos here.

Little Arches Boutique Hotel in Barbados was included in 2 videos on my YouTube channel. To date, the videos have a combined viewership of 18.4k+ views.

Michelle and I just watched the video and e-mailed it to the team. Like it?! We LOVE it!!!! Your style is like ours….very relaxed and fun but still informative. We too enjoyed working with you and we are sure that our paths will cross again as you need to come back to Barbados for a longer visit!” – Sandra (Manager at Little Arches Boutique Hotel)

View videos here and here.

Drive-A-Matic Car Hire in Barbados were featured within 2 videos on my Youtube channel. To date, the videos have a combined viewership of 18.4k+ views.

I am absolutely in love with your vlogs and all the content that you provided for us! We are glad that you had a fun time in Barbados! It has been amazing working with you.” – Shakira (digital marketing coordinator for Drive-A-Matic)

View videos here and here.

Banana Lama Eco-Villas in Dominica was included in 3 videos on my Youtube channel. To date, the videos have a combined viewership of 19.6k+ views.

I have enjoyed your posts for sure. The video is awesome. It was a real pleasure working with you. Good luck with your future endeavours, and come visit again one day!” – Melissa (Owner of Banana Lama Eco-Villas)

View videos here, here and here.

Sea Cliff Cottage in Calibishie, Dominica, the Caribbean

Sea Cliff Cottages in Dominica was featured in 2 videos on my Youtube channel. To date the videos have a combined viewership of 12.8k+ views.

I also provided some UGC content to Sea Cliff Cottages.

The pictures are very great especially the drone ones of the beach/river area. I will use them in our advertising. They will be helpful.” – Gwen, owner of Sea Cliff Cottages

View videos here and here.

Want to Work with Me?

If you are interest in working with me then please send me an email:

*Engagement rate calculated by total number of engagements (comments + likes) on recent 6 videos divided by total views for those 6 videos then times 100.

†Average views per view calculated by adding up total views on all videos and dividing by the total number of videos there are.

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