Ella McKendrick in Maldives

Hi, I'm Ella!

I've always had a strong desire to travel the world and immerse myself in different cultures.

Sustainability and wildlife conservation have always been my passion, the driving force behind my travels. Through sharing my travels, I aim to spread awareness of eco-friendly projects and causes, which help local communities and native wildlife.

On my blog I aim to share tips on how to travel sustainably, as well as providing eco-friendly travel recommendations, from hotels you can support to community projects which you can get involved in.

My travels had led me to some interesting places! You can follow my experiences here or on my Youtube channel.

Ella McKendrick in Maldives

Did you Know I Make Films Too?

As well as documenting my travels through written work on my blog, I also make documentary-style vlogs of all my trips. You can find all my film work on my Youtube channel, Ella in Wanderlust.

Recent Blog Posts

What’s It Like to Canoe Down the Zambezi River?

My ores sliced through the gentle waves with careful precision, propelling my blue canoe effortlessly forwards. A ring-necked dove cooed rhythmically in the distance, just audible over the gentle gurgling of the river. I glanced at the swathes of savannah which flanked the mighty river, long, yellowing grasses rustling in a warm breeze. Beyond the… Read More

Monday, 17 January 2022

My Experience Canoeing Down the Zambezi River (Diary Entries)

The sky was aglow with stars, untainted by any light pollution. I ventured away from the flimsy canvas tents, noticing that the island was shrouded in a suffocating sheet of darkness. At the back of my mind I heard a doubt. Something telling me that I should have just stopped near to the tents to… Read More

Wednesday, 17 November 2021

Stranded in Tenerife: The Full Story

Just as the pandemic was starting to rear its ugly head I embarked one perhaps one of the most dramatic trips of my life so far. I wrote that line but then considered that I was nearly killed my a hippo on Zambia, I set a gas-canister alight in Namibia, was trapped in a tropical… Read More

Wednesday, 12 May 2021

10 Day Sri Lanka Itinerary (for Beach & Safari Lovers!)

Situated within the Indian ocean, just to the south of India is Sri Lanka. This unique island is bursting with culture, is home to some of the best food I have ever tried and is coated with gorgeous landscapes, from tropical forests to golden beaches. It is a country that I knew very little about… Read More

Tuesday, 27 April 2021

A Recap of 2020: The Year When Everything Changed

I’ve drafted a couple of recap posts now but none of them felt quite right to post. There’s a lot I could say about the year that has just passed. But I want to keep this blog travel-focused and don’t quite feel ready to show a more personal side to it. So let’s delve into… Read More

Tuesday, 19 January 2021

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