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Experiencing The Four Seasons on a Budget in Seychelles

Ella in swimming pool at Four Seasons resort on Mahe island, Seychelles

When you think of the Four Seasons resort, you think of absolute luxury and all that luxury comes at a cost. Staying at the Four Seasons can cost you up to thousands of pounds per night, but did you know you can spend the day at the resort for free? I didn’t either.

Our wifi at the cabin was quite frankly awful. You’d be lucky if it even worked at all, some days. Although I was on holiday, I did have some work to do and some emails to reply to, so internet was essential. I knew that the Four Seasons was only a short walk down the road or a 10 minute drive from us and I knew they would have good wifi. I did a quick google search to see that you actually could visit the Four Seasons in the day and use the beach and restaurants. Great!

So, we drove down to the resort. As we weren’t staying at the resort, we were not allowed to park within the resort. However, there was a handy carpark just opposite which we used. Once you enter the resort, it’s a long walk down to the beach, unless you take a golf buggy. The golf buggies are not strictly really meant to take visitors down as they are for use by guests only in the day. However, a buggy passed us and offered us a ride. Fantastic!

We were told upon entrance that for around €20 per person, we could be ‘guests’ for the day and make use of the resorts facilities. I’m not entirely sure what facilities this included so have this a miss.

We arrived at the beach bar. There were only a couple of people there, relaxing on sun-loungers by the pool. Chilled yet beachy music was playing from the bar and just a few yards away was a wonderful white-sand beach. Now that we were in the resort, no one would actually know if you were a guest or not so we were treated the exact same as a guest would be.

As I hoped, the wifi was great. We actually came here on several days to soak up the wifi and relaxing atmosphere. Our cabin doesn’t have a proper outdoor area so it was great to sunbathe.

Ella with fresh coconut at Four Seasons resort on Mahe island, Seychelles

Inevitably, we did spend some money. I couldn’t resist a nice fresh coconut! I’d been looking for one of these allover the Seychelles. Nor could I resist the Pellegrino, the pizza, the burger… The food was to die for. I expected the food here to be a lot more expensive than other places in the Seychelles but it actually wasn’t. Seychelles is incredibly expensive. At a ‘cheap’ restaurant it can cost 375 Seychellois Rupee for a standard main course. That’s around £22! At the Four Seasons it was 370 for a pizza (£21) and 450 for a burger (£25). That’s one pricy burger but my goodness, it is the best burger that I have ever had! It came with sweet potato fries and I don’t even like sweet potatoes but, wow! One of the more surprising costs was the fizzy water which cost 120 (£7)!

Although I spent a bit of money here, it is possible to visit and not spend much. The staff are very friendly and don’t make you feel pressured into buying anything. I just love food too much to stay away from it.

Burger, sweet potato fries and fresh coconut at Four Seasons resort on Mahe island, Seychelles
The best burger I’ve ever had!
Ella with fresh coconut at Four Seasons resort on Mahe island, Seychelles
I became obsessed with the coconut water!
Delicious pizza!

Probably the best thing about the resort was the atmosphere. I could actually relax and unwind. Of course, it’s fantastic exploring the island and seeing the culture, but there are those days when you just want to chill. It felt like the resort itself was an isolated island and nothing outside it mattered. It actually made replying to emails somewhat enjoyable.

There was one occasion when I was eyeing up the pool longingly. No, I didn’t spend €20 just to have a little swim but I did ask the staff if I could use the pool. Because we visited so frequently, they had got to know us and the bartender told me to ‘go on’. He said he would cover for me if anyone asked any questions. So, I had a nice little dip. I was really impressed that he allowed me to do this. It really showed just how wonderful the staff were. I honestly have never met such polite people. I’m not used to people saying ‘you’re welcome’ every time I say ‘thank you’. It’s such a small thing but it was lovely. I seem to thank people for every item of cutlery they put on my table so they were telling me I was welcome, every few seconds!

View of the ocean, jungle and mountains on Mahe island, Seychelles

Then there was the beach! The beach is called Petit Anse and is lovely. The sand was the whitest and softest that I’d seen in the Seychelles and the water was crystal clear. It looked a lot deeper than Anse Royale. It was more of a relaxing beach. I had been told that snorkelling was good at this beach but unfortunately I didn’t actually go snorkelling. People have claimed to have seen turtles!

If you are visiting the beach for the day, you are not allowed to use the deck-chairs which is fine. We just laid some towels down on the beach.

One of the highlights of the beach is the free water-sports. We took a double-kayak out into the sea. There was no time limit; we could just row back whenever we felt like it. There was also no cost which was fantastic. We went out in it for like an hour or so. I was a moron and forgot to put suncream on my legs. I ended up wit red ankles!

The beach also had a lovely swing which made for a great photo-taking opportunity.

Kayaking in the ocean at Four Seasons resort on Mahe island, Seychelles
Kayaks at Four Seasons resort on Mahe island, Seychelles
Ella on swing on beach at Four Seasons resort on Mahe island, Seychelles

I absolutely loved my time visiting the Four Seasons resort. It was the perfect place to unwind when I felt like having a relaxing day. On top of that, the food was fantastic. Finally, I loved how I was able to swim in the sea and take part in water-sports. I would definitely recommend coming here for at least on day if you are staying in Mahé. Experience luxury without the hefty price tag, although, set aside £25 for that amazing burger!

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