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Unwinding in Paradise at Little Arches Boutique Hotel, Barbados

Barbados has a special place in my heart. It’s somewhere where I know I can relax, giving in to island bliss. It’s an island bordered by golden-sand beaches which seem to stretch on forever and perched upon those idyllic beaches are an array of restaurants and hotels. I’ve been fortunate enough to visit this paradise numerous times whilst growing up and so have amassed experiences from every corner of the island, or so I thought.

My stays have been limited to the platinum west coast of Barbados, the side where everyone seems to go. A creature of habit, I had planned to visit again but then I found a real gem.

Large, gleaming resorts are not my style at all. They lack intimacy, attentive staff and privacy. I don’t know about you but when I book a beach getaway I prefer not have to brawl over a sun lounger by the pool. I’d rather have a peaceful, romantic environment.

When I stumbled upon Little Arches Boutique Hotel which is situated on the south coast of Barbados, I could barely contain my excitement. Consisting of 10 luxury rooms, this boutique hotel appeared to tick all my boxes. Not only was it modest in size, it was located away from the main tourist scene and next to a fishing village oozing with local culture.

After then reading that the hotel supported worthy causes such as partnering with organisations that strive to improve the lives of disadvantaged children, I was sold and quickly fired off an email enquiring about a reservation. The Little Arches Hotel is also Green Globe certified, praising the hotel’s efforts to be sustainable and environmentally-friendly.

I was going to Barbados!

Conversing with the staff at Little Arches Boutique Hotel was a delightful experience. The team were keen to introduce themselves to me prior to arrival so that I already felt comfortable and they were eager to answer any questions I had and provide me with great recommendations. I already felt relaxed and I wasn’t even there yet!

The drive to the hotel! Can you spot the ocean in the background?

A Convenient, Short Drive from the Airport

We touched-down in Barbados after a lengthy 8 hour flight from the UK. It had been a long day of travel and I couldn’t wait to collapse on a bed and regain my energy. Fortunately, Little Arches Boutique Hotel is located a mere 10 minute drive from the airport. This meant for a very quick arrival after picking up our swanky rental car.

Little Arches Boutique Hotel is right on the seafront with impressive panoramic views of the gleaming turquoise ocean. Just a short walk down the road and at the edge of our vision was a quiet beach dotted with lazy palm trees swaying above white sands. This beach is ‘Miami Beach’ and it’s perfectly sitting right on our doorstep!

The hotel itself is full of character. Painted a gorgeous salmon-pink, the hotel is decorated in what I’d call a typical Bajan-style. The cream walls inside are rendered with coral and just ooze luxury. As well as the 10 luxury rooms, the hotel also has a swimming-pool on-site which is a dream to relax by as the hotel is strictly adults only.

The gorgeous view of the ocean from Little Arches
Imagine waking up to this view
Our lovely sitting area in our room
The hotel’s gorgeous gardens bordering the ocean
Relaxing vibes by the swimming-pool

Friendly Staff Who Make You Feel Like Part of the Family

Upon arrival we were shown to the on-site parking which was right outside the hotel. It was a cosy carpark and I felt very happy leaving our car there. We were offered assistance with our baggage before being shown to the hotel’s reception which is up a flight of stairs.

At reception we met Sandra and Michelle who were extremely welcoming and made us feel at home immediately. The conversation was flowing and laughter was in abundance. A delicious rum-punch even arrived as we were checking-in, the perfect welcome!

Little did I know, there were even more welcome surprises in our room. Waiting for us was a bottle of Mount Gay Rum and a rumcake (I honestly fell in love with this rumcake). These little touches really made our experience top-notch.

The pot of gold at the end of this rainbow was definitely the hotel!
Relaxing Miami Beach was right on our doorstep

Luxurious, Spacious Rooms with a View

Our room was incredible! It was situated across two tiers with the king-sized double-bed at the top with a lovely en-suite behind it. From the enormous bed you had views down to the lower tier where there was a table and chairs (the perfect place for an afternoon tea!), dressing-table and wardrobe. Beyond that were glass patio doors which yielded the most beautiful view of the ocean.

I turned to Lewis and smiled. It was going to be a relaxing 2 nights.

The first thing I did was take my shoes off and leap onto the bed, feeling like a big kid again now that all my worries from back home were starting to melt away. I could have got lost in the bed, it was so comfortable! But it wasn’t time to sleep yet. Outside, the sun was just starting to set and turn the sky a pale pink. Clouds floated past our window like candyfloss, framed by the rosy sky behind.

Delicious Restaurant on the Hotel’s Roof-Top

Little Arches Boutique Hotel has a roof-top restaurant called Café Luna. Not only is this restaurant conveniently-located, but it consistently yields glowing reviews. Therefore, it was a no-brainer that we tried it out.

I booked a table at 6pm with the receptionists and spent the rest of my spare time having a lovely hot shower and getting ready for our meal. Our flight had arrived just before 5pm so we didn’t have too long before dinner.

Personal Touches Everywhere!

6pm was a convenient time to eat, not only as we were extremely jet-lagged, but because between 6pm and 7pm, the housekeeper turns down the rooms for the night. I was extremely excited to learn that she also leaves Lindor chocolates on our pillows! Chocolate is the way to my heart. The housekeeper actually went above and beyond and also lit candles by our bed, making it feel super romantic.

This trip was actually our engagement-moon (is that a thing? It is now!) and Little Arches Boutique Hotel felt like the perfect hotel to deliver us a romantic, peaceful experience. The roof-top restaurant, Café Luna, also contributed to this feel.

Gorgeous sunset from the hotel’s roof-top

An Evening to Remember

It was time for our dinner reservation at Café Luna. My stomach growled. I couldn’t wait to see what goodies were on the menu. Well, that’s only half-true. Café Luna are great at keeping an up-to-date menu on their website and I couldn’t resist a quick peak beforehand!

Getting to Café Luna involved walking up a single flight of stairs which was conveniently located just outside our bedroom door. We ascended onto a beautiful roof-top which was dressed in fairy-lights. Palm trees were illuminated by lights which were wrapped around them and in the distance was the setting sun.

I’ll save our Café Luna experience for another post as it really does warrant a blog post to itself. Spoiler alert: the food was to die for!

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