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Delicious Food and Roof-Top Views at Café Luna

Imagine a restaurant that serves high-quality local food. A restaurant with gorgeous views of the cyan ocean with lazy palms swaying in the foreground. A restaurant lit up by dozens of fairy lights turning it into a magical little hideout. Now imagine this restaurant is on top of your hotel. That’s Café Luna!

A Bajan Dinner at Sunset

After an exhausting day of travel, Lewis and I threw our cases down in our room at the Little Arches Boutique Hotel (read about our amazing experience at this hotel here) and quickly freshened up before heading upstairs to Café Luna. The concierge had booked us a table earlier and it was primely located with the best view on the roof-top.

We sat down just in time to watch the sun slip into the ocean, turning the sky a tantalising blood-red colour.

Around us was the chorus of countless crickets and frogs, muffled behind the relaxing music coming from the bar. It was the perfect relaxing atmosphere.

Café Luna run different menus at different times of year. Arriving in September, we were in time for both the ‘Back to Bajan’ and ‘Summer Specials’ menu on top of the usual à la carte menu. We were, quite frankly, spoilt for choice.

I love trying local cuisine so was immediately drawn to the ‘Back to Bajan’ menu. The shrimp tempura starter and slow-cooked ribs for main jumped out to me the most and so I ordered those. To accompany our meal, we both ordered a pint of ‘Banks’ beer, the local Caribbean lager.

To say the food was yummy would be severe understatement. The shrimp tasted incredibly fresh – unlike any shrimp I have ever had before. Then there was the ribs. The meat just fell of the bone. Just typing this up is making my mouth water! I could have eaten this very same meal every single night during my trip, except I force myself to be adventurous, but I so could have!

For dessert, we ordered a white and dark chocolate cheesecake. I’m a massive sucker for cheesecake! It’s my favourite dessert.

Our delicious shrimp tempura starter

For Barbados, the prices weren’t too bad either. By ordering from one of the special menus, I actually bagged a deal on my food. It was a fixed price for a starter, main and dessert. The price was $89 Bajan dollars which is just shy of £35.

It was the perfect first night in Barbados. I went to sleep with a happy belly that night.

Brunch with a View

The following morning we sprang up to Café Luna for breakfast. Cold breakfast starts at 7.30am and the hot breakfast starts at 8am. As it was a Saturday, Café Luna were serving their brunch menu which was filled with goodies to try from.

Between us, we ordered both a Bajan Breakfast with flying fish and a shrimp and fresh fish crepe. Both proved to be great options although my favourite item was the flying fish within the Bajan breakfast. I hadn’t eaten flying fish before so I wasn’t sure how it would taste but was pleasantly surprised. It reminds me a bit of chicken, surprisingly. I loved how it was seasoned.

Bajan breakfast with flying fish
The view from breakfast
Shrimp and fish crepe
Cheeky bird eating the sweetener

The atmosphere at brunch was soothing. There was a gentle breeze ruffling the palms. Beyond them the clear blue sky met the calm ocean where some people were snorkelling. Bird song was all around us. We even had a couple of cheeky birds take interest in our breakfast! A yellow-throated bird grabbed a packet of sweetener and pecked it open. Before long, several other birds had arrived, all trying to get in on the pack of sweetener. It was amusing to watch.

It felt like the ideal start to our first day in Barbados.

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