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A Guide to Taking the Ferry from Anguilla to St Barthélemy

Ferry in Anguilla

Measuring approximately 16 miles long and only 3 miles wide, Anguilla is a small Caribbean island. The island is relatively flat, comprised of coral and limestone.

What this island lacks in size it makes up for in beauty and tranquility. With 33 gorgeous beaches, Anguilla is a Caribbean island that should be on everyone’s bucket-list.

Not only is Anguilla a fabulous island in its own right but it is only a stone throw away from one of the Caribbean’s most renowned and expensive islands: St Barthélemy.

St Barthélemy is expensive to stay on. Part of the appeal of the small, French-speaking island is its exclusivity. With an area of 25 square kilometres and a population of under 10,000, the island is small. There is no international airport and the small airport that is there only takes a handful of small airlines. Prices for the flights are high at roughly €200 for a one way ticket from a neighbouring island.

Read this guide if you are interested to learn more about taking the ferry between Anguilla and St Barts.

Where to Catch the Ferry in Anguilla

Anguilla’s ferry terminal is situated along the island’s southern coast, in a village called Blowing Point.

The village is small with a couple of restaurants, churches, a petrol station and a supermarket.

Due to the small size of Anguilla, journeying to Blowing Point from your resort should only take a few minutes by taxi. I was based in Mead’s Bay, in the north of the island, and the drive took 10 minutes.

Which Company Offers Ferry Services Between Anguilla and St Barthélemy?

Voyager offer a ferry service from Anguilla to the neighbouring island of St Martin. From St Martin youhave to change to another ferry (on the same dock) which will take you to your final destination – St Barthélemy.

Where to Ferry Purchase Tickets

Tickets are available to purchase at the ferry terminal and can be booked just before you board the ferry. However it’s always advisable to book in advance as a place on the ferry is not guaranteed. Due to the small size of Anguilla, it shouldn’t take much time out of your day to purchase your tickets from the terminal a day or two before. Booking in advance also ensures there definitely is a ferry running at the time and date you would like.

How Frequent Are Ferries from Anguilla?

The ferries operate between Anguilla and St Martin every 45 minutes and the initial leg of the ferry ride (Anguilla to St Martin) takes roughly 25 minutes.

The ferry from St Martin to St Barthélemy runs at infrequent intervals. You can expect to find roughly 5 journeys per day. The interval between the ferries can be between 15 minutes and 3 hours, depending on the time of day. The intervals are greatest in the morning.

The journey between St Martin and St Barthélemy takes roughly 1 hour – double the length of journey between Anguilla and St Martin.

How Much Do the Ferry Tickets Cost?

You can expect to pay roughly $20 USD per person for a one-way ferry from Anguilla to St Martin – a $40 USD round trip between the two. You can also expect to pay departure tax for day trips ($5 USD per person each way).

The ferry from St Martin to St Barthélemy via Voyager ferries costs around $77 USD per person return. The round-trip from Anguilla to St Barthélemy therefore costs around $127 USD including both ferry journeys and the departure tax.

What are the Ferries Like?

The ferries have two decks. The lower deck is indoors and contains the most seating options. The upper deck is completely outside and has a lot less seating options.

Tickets do not reserve seats so when you enter the ferry you can sit where you like.

I opted to sit on the upper deck as I am prone to seasickness. The views from here were lovely.

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