Kandy To Ella: A Photo Essay – Part I

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The train journey from Kandy to Ella was so scenic that I just couldn't resist taking as many photos as possible. Therefore, as well as an article describing the journey itself, I've decided to include the remaining photos from the journey in this photo essay. I managed to condense 400 photos to 100 but cannot filter any further than that! I hope you enjoy 🙂

Ok, this is embarrassing. This photo essay is getting wayyyy too long so I'm going to split it into two parts. Stay tuned for part two! The funny thing is this photo essay only came into existence because the Kandy to Ella blog post got too long and now this has too, haha. This just goes to show how beautiful the train ride was, that I just couldn't get enough of it!

Ella McKendrick on Black Rock Viewpoint, Kenmore Scotland

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