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Drone view of wooden boats at Port Glaud, north Mahe, Seychelles

I went on a 2-week trip to Mahé, Seychelles. Mahé is the largest island in Seychelles - a group of over 100 islands found in the Indian Ocean. The island yielded some incredible beaches with large, granite boulders dotted along its shores. Most special, however, was the stingray that we found on one of Mahé's lesser-known beaches.

Admittedly, I didn't do that much filming whilst in Seychelles. So this 2-week video is rather short. I also didn't actually Vlog whilst I was over there so I had to use some imagination and narrate over the video when I returned home.

Fortunately I documented the entire trip in detail over here on my blog. You can view all blog posts by following the below link.

Two Weeks Exploring Mahé Island in Seychelles

You can find the vlog embedded below. I hope you enjoy!

Ella McKendrick on Black Rock Viewpoint, Kenmore Scotland

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5 thoughts on “Seychelles – Travel Vlog”

  1. Hello Ella,

    I have seen your video in youtube, and wish to go to seychelles. Do you have an recommend travel agent to go there?


    1. Hey! Thanks for watching! ☺️ I didn’t actually book through travel agent. I looked up flights on Skyscanner (to find out cheapest flights then booked flights direct) and then searched for accommodation through Airbnb. I’m sure travel agents can be useful but if you want to save money, I’d always recommend looking into it yourself. I hope this helps!

      If you want to know more about holidaying in Seychelles, I have a Seychelles guide here:

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