The 2 Week Namibia Road Trip – Travel Vlog Series

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Toyota Hilux self-drive 4x4 in Sossusvlei with sand dunes, Namib Desert in Namibia, Africa

Namibia is a country unlike any other. Home to the oldest desert on the planet which contains the highest sand dunes and a gigantic salt slat which can be viewed from space, this country in southern Africa is an arid and surreal place. It is one of the most sparsely populated countries on the planet with villages separated by hundreds of kilometres of untouched wilderness.

In 2017 myself and my partner rented a sturdy 4x4 with a roof-top tent and journeyed round Namibia. It was an adventure unlike anything we had ever experienced, full of unimaginable highs and challenging lows.

The Namibia Road Trip Documentary Series

This documentary series works alongside a written blog series which I put together on this blog. The two series complement each other well with the written blogs filling in the gaps in between vlogs and delving into some of the issues that were too stressful to film.

I will disclose now that I am brand new to vlogging. I am not confident in front of the camera at all. I am also getting to grips with my editing style.

You can find my full Namibia road-trip itinerary here.

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All vlogs below!

Namibia Self-Drive Road-Trip Episode 1: Arriving in a Thunderstorm

In this episode we arrive in Namibia after a 24-hour travel day. The rainy reason is drawing closer, dark clouds looming on the horizon, and as the first drops of rain hit Windhoek, we find ourselves in a sticky situation.

The following day we journey from our campsite to Naankuse Wildlife Sanctuary to take part in a carnivore feed.

Namibia Self-Drive Road-Trip Episode 2: The Long Journey North

As a new day dawns in Namibia we find ourselves on an ostrich farm in the centre of the country. After a tour of the farm's animals it's time to hit the road again on an estimated 6 hour journey to Etosha National Park. To break up the drive, I booked an excursion at the Cheetah Conservation Fund. However, our day takes a dramatic change of plan when we become hopelessly lost trying to find our location...

Accompanying Blog Posts

Because sometimes vlogs don't tell the full story.

- Hand-Feeding Ostriches & Getting Hopelessly Lost in Namibia

Namibia Self-Drive Road-Trip Episode 3: Etosha National Park

After a day of no driving, instead soaking up sunlight in Onguma reserve (although our time there was less idyllic than described. Check out my written blog posts for more info.), it was time to venture into Etosha National Park for a self-drive safari. I had been warned that self-drive safaris were inferior to guided safaris in terms of wildlife viewing. But was that really the case?

Namibia Self-Drive Road-Trip Episode 4: Damaraland & The Skeleton Coast

After a day exploring Etosha National Park in the far north of Namibia, we began our journey south west, through Damaraland. Journeying through Damaraland has been a last minute change of plan. It was somewhere I had never intended to visit. But I am so glad we did as Damaraland blew me away.

The following day we visited a place that had been on my bucket-list for years: The Skeleton Coast. Although, as usual, things didn't quite go to plan...

Namibia Self-Drive Road-Trip Episode 5: Broken Down in the Namib Desert

The next part of our adventure took us deep into the Namib desert, where we crossed through canyons and past the Tropics of Capricorn. No one could have anticipated what happened next. Our truck broke down in the middle of nowhere...

Accompanying Blog Posts

Because sometimes vlogs don't tell the full story.

- Exploring Canyons in the Namib Desert
- The Time our Car Broke Down in the Middle of the Namib Desert

Namibia Self-Drive Road-Trip Episode 6: Sossusvlei Desert Adventure

We continued our journey through the barren Namib desert, passing through the tiny but adorable town of Solitaire before finally arriving at our destination: Sossusvlei. Sossusvlei national park is home to the oldest and tallest sand dunes in the world.

Accompanying Blog Posts

Because sometimes vlogs don't tell the full story.

- Introducing Solitaire, My Favourite Town in Namibia!
- Off-Roading Through the Dunes of Sossusvlei: A Namibia Highlight

Namibia Self-Drive Road-Trip Episode 7: From the Namib-Naukluft National Park to Windhoek

It was the last leg of our journey. We made our way west across the heart of Namibia back to Windhoek. On our way we pass through the Namib-Naukluft Mountian Zebra park and encounter a strange surprise at Lake Oanob...

Namibia Self-Drive Road-Trip Highlight Reel

A brief run-through of my favourite aspects of the Namibia road-trip. Find out what experiences rank in my top 5.

Ella McKendrick on Black Rock Viewpoint, Kenmore Scotland

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