My Winter in England & An Admission

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Drone shot of Snake Pass in the Peak District - I'm super proud of this one

I know. Long time no see, eh? I'm ashamed to admit that I've been neglecting my blog a bit recently. Simply put, I've had a bit of writer's block. I've just not felt inspired to use this space. I'm one of those people who is either 100% on something and has articles coming from their ears or there's nothing flowing. Even now I feel a little blank but I'm forcing myself to get an article out. Maybe writing 1 post will dispel this lack of inspiration to write - that's what I'm hoping anyway. But, it's not like this phase has come out of nowhere. Go on, make yourself a tea and I'll tell you about it.

I had oodles of content when I returned form my exciting road-trip round Namibia. I loved re-living my adventure through storytelling and photo editing. It kept the trip alive for me and I truly enjoy sharing my experiences. I'm definitely a storyteller. After I'd written all my tales from Namibia, I decided to turn my attention to informative guide articles to help fellow travellers plan their trips to Namibia. My Ultimate Namibia Guide was born and I was really proud of the beast that it came to be. If you haven't already checked it out and you're planning on visiting Namibia soon, I really recommend you do *coughs* shameless self promotion *coughs*.

But, you see, guide articles aren't really my thing and after writing one, I really couldn't face another. I stared at my list of guides to write such as how to plan the perfect itinerary, how to find the best accommodation and man I was falling asleep just looking at it. I totally get they're interesting and useful and I love reading them myself to gain knowledge but they are such a drag to write, especially when I've already written 3 guest posts on the same topics. Yeah, totally should have saved those articles for my own blog but you live and you learn *sigh*.

Just chilling on a fallen tree in the Goyt Valley, Peak District

On top of my lack of motivation to write guide articles I was discovering the power of YouTube and set myself the target to pump out at least 1 video each week. It's amazing how a schedule can revolutionise your life. Anyway, as with starting anything, it takes a lot of time and YouTube ended up getting all my attention. I was finding it fun to grow my channel (unlike Instagram where I gain 20 followers then lose 22 - follow-unfollowers, you're not fooling anyone so just give up already!) and also connect with likeminded people. My blog can sometimes feel a little lonely and I love continuous feedback on what I'm doing (I just wanna be loved, lol jk). It's easier to get that on social media.

As well as this, shit kinda started going down in my life. Well, I'm not sure 'down' is the right word. It actually started to get better but that has some drawbacks, which I'll get to in a minute.

First of all, my business which I run completely separate to my blog, started to make progress which is super exciting but growth means a lot of hard work, planning and organisation. I waved my weekends goodbye and my free time became more limited.

Positivity in your life can sometimes mean you lose people who are close to you. There's a really great quote that I read which goes: "pay close attention to those who don't clap when you win". Long story short, I lost many 'friends'. Ultimately, that's a good thing as the people I lost were incredibly toxic to me and were constantly getting me down. However, right now it stings. It's painful to think people who I was once close to not only don't support me but actively go out of their way to be unsupportive. No one needs people like that in their lives.

But I never wanted this post to turn into a 'poor me' spiel. This post is meant to be positive, about breaking negative spells through pushing yourself out of them. I've actually just got back from an amazing 10-day trip to Sri Lanka which allowed me to take a step back and look at my life afresh. Not only that but being in a Buddhist country can work wonders in terms of dispelling anger and other negative emotions.

Ella with Lola dog in snow

Taking my pooch, Lola for a walk on the Edge

OK, so now that we've addressed that elephant in the room, shall we look at what I've been up to?

A long winter in England has given me a chance to get to grips with my new camera, the beautiful Panasonic Lumix GH5. Check out my first impressions of the GH5 here. Every chance I had, I would go out and take photos with it. Whilst at home, I would look up camera tutorials and understand how cameras really work. Up until now, I just had no clue. I only just learnt that with my old Canon on manual mode I was only ever adjusting the shutter speed and ISO when I thought I was adjusting everything *facepalm*.

My first outing with my newfound knowledge of cameras was to Tatton Park. I actually somehow managed to write a full blog post on that trip which I recommend you check out. It was really awesome as we got to see so many deer!

After that, we embarked on excursions to the various parts of Cheshire and Goyt Valley and Snake Pass in the Peak District. I've not got too much to say on those trips so I'll let the photos below do the talking. A photo essay is what you call that, I believe.

The Edge

When the 'Beast from the East' hit England in March, I decided to make the most of the snow and took my family pet, Lola for a walk. The Edge is an area of land protected by the National trust in the heart of the Cheshire countryside. I love going to National Trust sites.

Ella with Lola dog in snow
Ella with Lola dog in snow
Ella with Lola dog in snow
UK fields with sheep and snow

Either the sun has turned black or that's one huge dust spot on my sensor

The Canal

They say being by water is therapeutic and I totally agree with that. I love going for walks along the canal. There are several canals in the Manchester area.

Ella in winter in UK

I'm also wondering why my hair's gone ginger

Ella in winter in UK
Ella in winter in UK

The Goyt Valley

One of my favourite local spots is the Goyt Valley within the Peak District. It's full of great hidden spots and countless overturned trees which act as great spots for a photoshoot!

Ella in winter in UK
Ella in winter in UK
Ella in winter in UK
Ella in winter in UK
Ella in winter in UK

So, that's where I'm up to. You'll hopefully see a lot more of me here. But first I just have 500gb of photos to crawl through, narrow down and edit for my Sri Lanka posts ­čśë

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