Stranded in Tenerife: The Full Story

Just as the pandemic was starting to rear its ugly head I embarked one perhaps one of the most dramatic trips of my life so far.

I wrote that line but then considered that I was nearly killed my a hippo on Zambia, I set a gas-canister alight in Namibia, was trapped in a tropical storm in the Caribbean and was attacked by a gang of men with machetes in The Gambia.

Why does every trip I embark on feel so dramatic?

After each adventure that is plagued with mishaps I make a silent pledge to learn from my mistakes and do better. I book another trip with naïve optimism that it will go exactly to plan. And that’s exactly what I did with my trip to Tenerife that I took at the start of 2020.

I had a feeling that I had this trip nailed. It was a country I had visited before so there would be no nasty surprises. I rented a villa for 1 week – enough time to see and do a lot without getting overwhelmed and with plenty of time to unwind. And I hired a car from a company which I had used before. What could possibly go wrong?

As it turned out, a lot could go wrong.

I excitedly glanced out of my plane window as we came in to land, joy bubbling up inside me as I laid eyes on the rugged interior of the island which was being kissed by golden rays of sunlight.

Fast forward a few days and I was a weeping wreck on the airport floor beside my departure gate as the speakers blared with the final boarding call for my flight. My bag was being retrieved from the hold and I was being told that there was no way I would be allowed on the plane, all the while I was experiencing intense pressure in my head like a sumo wrestler was sitting on it.

How could everything have gone so badly wrong yet again? And how the hell was I supposed to get out of this terrible situation?

Where Can I Read About This Adventure?

I’ve saved this 13 part saga exclusively for my Patreon. If you are not familiar with my Patreon, you can check it out here. It is a platform where I upload some of my juiciest travel dramas. There is a small fee of £5 in order to gain access to my content here. You can read more about my decision to create and upload to Patreon here.

I have been uploading 1 instalment per week of this story to my Patreon. Each part is several thousand words in length. Below is a full list of articles on this adventure.

Stranded in Tenerife – The Full Story

Chapter 1: Deciding to Travel to Tenerife Just Before the Pandemic Began

Chapter 2: Experiencing Tenerife’s Traditional African Market in Santa Cruz

Chapter 3: Journey to Taganana’s Hidden Beaches in Anaga Rural Park

Chapter 4: The Reason I Stopped Exploring Tenerife…

Chapter 5: A Day Exploring San Cristóbal de La Laguna in Tenerife

Chapter 6: Tenerife’s Prehistoric Cloud Forests

Chapter 7: The Desperate Hunt for EarPlanes

Chapter 8: The Day of My Flight Out of Tenerife

Chapter 9: Stranded in Tenerife (Scheduled for 16th May at 9AM UK-time)

Chapter 10: Oveja (Scheduled for 23rd May at 9AM UK-time)

Chapter 11: And The Problems Continue… (Scheduled for 30th May at 9AM UK-time)

Chapter 12: A Brief Flirtation with Tenerife’s Far South (Scheduled for 6th June at 9AM UK-time)

Chapter 13: The Flight From Hell (Scheduled for 13th June at 9AM UK-time)

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