Dark River: Journey Down The Zambezi

The sky was aglow with stars, untainted by any light pollution. I craned my neck for a better view, convinced that I’d never seen so many stars in my life. It was the first time I had ever seen the milky-way and it was beautiful.

As I ventured away from the flimsy canvas tents, I realised that the island was shrouded in a suffocating sheet of darkness, as if the moon wasn’t touching it, and the thin beam of light exiting my head torch was doing a poor job of illuminating the way through the night.

At the back of my mind I heard a doubt. Something telling me that I should have just stopped near to the tents to pee. But stupidity kept me going on into the endless night.

Suddenly there was a terrific roar, louder than anything I had ever heard. My stomach jolted in horror. Bleary-eyed, I only then noticed a mass of grey in front of me, the outline of a large hippo only a few metres ahead.

There was no time to think as its huge bulk began to surge towards me.

It was not exactly how I’d imagined my first time in Africa. More so, it was not exactly how I’d imagined my first proper trip away from my family. They’d trusted me to fly half way across the world to have the adventure of a lifetime and instead here I was, faced with the prospect of death for the second time in only three days.

Why couldn’t I have just peacefully slept the night away like everyone else on this trip?

This is the story of my many near-death experiences on a canoeing adventure down the Zambezi river.

Where Can I Read About This Adventure?

I’ve saved this 8 part 21,000 word saga exclusively for my Patreon. If you are not familiar with my Patreon, you can check it out here. It is a platform where I upload some of my juiciest travel dramas. There is a small fee of £5 in order to gain access to my content here. This fee helps me to cover the costs of my blog as I wish to keep my blog ad-free. In exchange, I am committed to sharing 1 several thousand word article per week to the platform. You can read more about my decision to create and upload to Patreon here.

Below is a full list of chapters within this adventure.

Dark River: Journey Down the Zambezi

Chapter 1: My First Taste of Africa: Landing in Zambia

Chapter 2: Day 1 on the Zambezi River: Close Calls with Hippos

Chapter 3: The Time I Was Chased by a Hippo Whilst Wild Camping

Chapter 4: A Perfect Day on the Zambezi River

Chapter 5: Washed Adrift: The Last Day on The Zambezi

Chapter 6: The Time I was Followed by Lions Through the Bush

Chapter 7: The Orphanage in Chiawa Village

Chapter 8: My Last Day in Zambia

Elephants on Zambezi River in Zambia Africa

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